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Yarn in Cupboard

We are delighted to bring you our new collection of luxurious hand knit yarns and are proud to say that we know the origins of every single ball of wool we produce.

Our KPC journey starts over seventy years ago in Shanghai. After a move to Macau in the 1950s, the successful family tailoring

business grew into Novetex, one of the first completely vertically integrated textile companies in Asia.

In other words, through our parent company Novetex we oversee and manage the entire yarn production process allowing us an unrivalled attention to detail and quality control.


1950s Shanghai
1950s Macau

We raise our sheep in Gostwyck in New South Wales, Australia where they have been producing wool since 1834. We know that our sheep, goats and their environment are properly cared for. This means superior fleece producing an exceptionally high quality fibre.

Our impeccable care and attention is not just limited to the well being of our livestock. Our commitment to the highest industry standards carry on throughout the production process. We spin and dye all our fleece and oversee where every ball of wool is wound and packaged.

We are proud to be the only company in the world to use merino wool of this superior quality for our hand knit yarns.

Teapot Cosy

Yarn & Labels

Our Novomerino yarn is so smooth we have created our own method of packaging to hold the balls together with our distinctive ribbon and label. Use our ribbon to keep your ball of wool intact between projects.

The label contains all necessary yarn information, and tie a piece of yarn through the hole in the corner to have a complete record of everything you need to reorder. Once you’re finished, our label can be used again as a gift tag - there’s even space to write your own name or message.

We hope we’ve thought of everything but please let us know if anything can be improved.

Visit our blog for lots of inspirational projects, browse our yarns and easily compare our gorgeous colours using our unique mix & match tool.

We’d love to see your finished projects, so keep checking our blog for opportunities to take part in our upcoming workshops.

Time to knit, purl or crochet!


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